The Beginning...

So, I figured it’s time to take a leap of faith. I‘ve been sitting on this idea for a while, admiring other photographers who have a talent not only for photography, but for writing as well. How lucky are they! NOT I…Sometimes I feel like I can barely communicate in Ukrainian. Or Russian. Never mind English! Being a perfectionist, I am always very self conscious about my use of English, and I am fairly sure that my friends and clients from time to time think: “What the heck? Is she is talking gibberish?!” I see their confused faces, and I think, “Oh, not again! But at least they seem to be having fun.” Even now—as you read this—I can imagine you hearing my words in a thick Eastern European accent.

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled around Europe and the U.S., residing in different countries along the way. Recently I moved to what appears to be one of the most beautiful places on this planet: The Pensacola area on the Florida panhandle. Here I am resuming my photography business once again, after running it successfully for the last nine years up in Northeast U.S. It has been a truly wonderful (and sometimes challenging) journey, through which I have met the most amazing, kind and interesting people while gaining many wonderful friendships. I am looking forward to having “fun in the sun” and working with incredibly warm, welcoming and beautiful people here in Florida. 

Today I wanted to post some photos from my first portrait shoot at my new location, featuring Livi and Kylie. I’m very lucky to have had them as my first clients and absolutely loved hanging out with these two beautiful, smart, funny young women just before they leave for college.  We had a great shoot and a lot of giggles, and I went back to my office armed with a list of all the beautiful places to visit and the best restaurants in the area! Funny…I was supposed to be taking photos and looking after them, but in the end it felt like they were taking care of me Happy 

livi and kylie 1

livi and kylie 2

livi and kylie 3

livi and kylie 4

livi and kylie 5

livi and kylie 6

livi and kylie 7

livi and kylie 8

livi and kylie 9

livi and kylie 10